Looking Glass

Looking Glass

This image is part of a series called Looking Glass. It forms part of a collaborative project entitled Silk Worm that I have been working on with fellow artist and illustrator (Alexia Cocolas).

The ideas that we workshopped for this series were around the expression of relationship. Relationship of the self and self in relation to other, femininity, female idetitiy, perception, projection, illusion and distortion. I've drawn on the ideas of Jungian psychology, focussing on discovering the archetype of the Anima, and True Self. Can we ever "see" our true reflection?

The inner world is juxtaposed against the outer world questioning what is more "real"? This image also further explores death and transformation as it is moving from one reality to another, or from one's reality to another's reality. Awakening empathy, compassion and connection.

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