Installazione, Interni, Video installazione, 6x2x6cm
"Byt”: Video installation composed of six HD videos ( colour, no sound ).
As any installation, its configuration depends on the space the projections take place.The videos show images coming from my own archive of images.This archive has been built over many years, and its composite and fragmented nature is mirrored in the installation I present for Celeste.
My video archive is mainly a collection of heterogeneous perceptual takes on the most diverse objects: nature, documentation of my work as an artist, reframed images from films, everyday objects, etc: it shows in a very intimate and non mediated way, my perception of the world.
The images that appear in this installation range from takes of the moon, to a revolving chair, from a palm tree to an old tape hanging from a wall. With all of them I wanted to present images that were very concrete, so concrete that they would become almost, abstract objects. The images, then, are arranged in a certain scenography, with projections of different sizes: the viewers, moving in between these projections, enter a stage where they ( observers and at the same time actors ) have to compose and reconfigure the images.
Like in the barroque “wunderkamers”, a relationship network of connections between images of all forms takes place: every image influence one another at the same time, and it corresponds to the viewer to create a map, to create out of fragments a totalising experience.
The name of the installation, Byt ( a term for “everyday life” in soviet union ), derives from the content of the installation: images of unassuming objects of everyday life.

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