Weighing Comfort

Weighing Comfort

Installazione, Memoria, Paesaggio, Emozione, Tessile, 120x693x5cm
This piece is based on the concept of mapping my anxieties. I did this in a literal manner, I looked up the areas in Johannesburg and placed myself in relation to this areas. I mapped out which areas I felt at ease and those that I felt anxious in. The areas that I feel comfortable in are areas that I have actually lived in. I further added to this idea of having lived somewhere and having a sense of knowing with the use of carpets. There is a clear distinction of new carpets and old carpets. The old carpets are from people that I don’t know whilst the new carpets were bought by me. This speaks to the fact that the areas that I have not lived in and don’t know are areas that have histories that are unknown to me. The new carpet speaks about the new histories that I am making in the places that I have lived. The comfort of the actual carpet also speaks directly to my comfort and anxiety. I often lie on carpet to relieve my anxiety so my areas of comfort relieve my anxiety. The carpets have also been layered to speak about my level of comfort as well as making a reference to walls and how we often build walls to feel safe and comfortable.

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