Power Women

Power Women

Pittura, Erotico, Libertà, Figura umana, Natura, Olio, 115x140x2cm
oil and spraypaint on canvas, 140 cm x 115 cm 2015

Savanna Art
I derive my visual language/ motives from my early expierences in Afrika, specifically Kenya and Niger.
From an early age on I questioned mankinds relation towards nature and wildlife.
I use the savanna animals as metaphores for human behavoir, either our relationship towards nature or the relationship between male and female.
The lion and the lioness are prototypes for me depicting power and decline, dominance and conrtoll, all aspects of human behavior.
As a female painter I am particularily interessted in the male figure and my ambivalence towards the male as attraction and repulsion...
Who is the protagonist, who the antagonist? Male or female, mankind or nature?

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