Animazione, Politico/Sociale, Libertà, 3D animation, 03:05
The return of the Pieta - the ultimate symbol of grieving, sorrow and loss, within the image of a mature figure bearing a corpse in its arms. Toren animates this mourning subject and marches him into a continuous journey, starting from nowhere and proceeding towards an invisible destiny. Infusing this heavily laden symbol with the potential of different times, Toren has encapsulated all that is tragic in man's life, while he is plucked out of his home, ejected from his familiar space and setting out on a futureless trek. As if Toren depicts the eternal refugees smitten by death on their way from - to -. Whether it is an infant on the shores of the Atlantic or a mature person doomed to wander, they are replicated into an endless line, bearing their dead, in a haunting image.

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