flowers will blossom, no matter what

flowers will blossom, no matter what

Pittura, Astratto informale, Politico/Sociale, Natura, Piante, Tecnica mista, 40x30x3.5cm
The internet found image in the painting is a mutant flower, claimed to be found after the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Whether it is true, we do not know. But it could be at an otherworldly setting that we human no longer existed.

Living a civilized urban city life, we have distanced ourselves from the mother nature since we first built our habitable shelter. As time goes by, the segregation from the nature has led us to a modern world with various threats to both human beings and the nature per se.

My paintings are about the anxieties of the situations we are facing. I work with various found images, regardless of their source and authenticity, in painterly abstract composition exploring the complexity in present surroundings. Working with oil and cement, juxtaposition of the traditional medium and modern building material, the exploration attempts to create indefinite settings and meanings.

Oil and cement on canvas

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