Installazione, Astratto geometrico, Idee, Politico/Sociale, Ritratto, Materiali vari, 200x230x200cm
Skillfully used, the words have the power to order the reality. Developed and studied by the philosopher John Langshaw Austin with his formula "Speech Acts", this phenomenon is widespread in the political and social domains which tend to print truths on the world. The words of the people of influences act as a demiurge, as a creator. Mantras shows and highlights this oral strength. Hindu concept meaning "syllable or sacred sentence endowed with a spiritual power", each sculptures of Mantras is based on a fragment of the speeches which forged the Modern History. Barack Obama, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Charles de Gaulle, etc, are so got together thanks to the "Speech Acts" of their words. Transcribed into 3D from their graphic plan, realized in extruded polystyrene, these words become air and tangible sculptures, clouds put between ground and sky. In this artwork you can see the following sound portraits (from left to right) : Yes we can (Barack Obama), Hiroshima (Harry Truman), Ich bin ein Berliner (John F. Kennedy), I have a dream (Martin Luther King), Je vous ai compris (Charles de Gaulle), A rainbow nation (Nelson Mandela), Medīnat Yisrā'el - State of Israel (David Ben Gourion), etc

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