Märchenwald - Under the skin

Märchenwald - Under the skin

The images ‘Märchenwald’ represented here, are at first glance familiar pictures of a forest with a haunting atmosphere.
What has these pictures in common one may wonder.

The story behind the " Märchenwald " series is as follows:
In the year 1933 situated near a small village 'Gogarten' in Germany an attraction park named "Märchenwald" was established.
The forest, located close to the "Märchenwald", once was a hidden place to produce explosives during WW II. The allied forces bombed those production sites.
Nowadays the "Märchenwald" doesn't exist anymore.
What rests is a small 'sleepy ' village Gogarten
This series 'Under the Skin' is a part of the Märchenwald project.
The pictures look as it was X-ray scan; in fact, through these imaginary X-ray scans, I visualize the 'injuries ' of destruction and how nature has recovered and masked those scars.

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