Move and Scale (cancelset)

Move and Scale (cancelset)

Installazione, Tecnologico, Sport, Spiritualità, Architettura, Materiali vari, 1000x1000x1000cm
Move and Scale (cancelset)

On 26 January 2014, Hella Gerlach developed a performative intervention for the exhibition "Egypt" at the Roemer and Pelizaeus Museum, Hildesheim by invitation of the Kunstverein Hildesheim, curated by Kathrin Meyer.
By installing her works the artist sets marks in the collection and opens up dialogues through subtle gestures of rapprochement.
In doing this she brings antique exhibits in an association and meaning dance, in which narrative
flashed moments correlated with materials, colors and shapes or contrast. A new
series of hybrid elements "sweeper agents", 2014 (intersections of household robots and turbans) move
autonomously through the exhibition spaces: Sculptures cross paths of visitors, seeking movements, forming axes and relationships to the visitors. Follow their own logic, plug in, change direction in erratic ways and walk through the exhibition, not corresponding with the paths of the visitors.

A sound work permeates periodically the museum building and creates a
shopping mall atmosphere. Sounds that guide through "relaxation" with text fragments of meditative breathing exercises and mind-stretching. Places and their specific properties lead to a "clash", a meeting, from which a third, undefined space emerges.

For one of the collection rooms Gerlach developed a fragrance which was part of a sculpture. This piece
triggers all sensory levels: The exhibition unfolds new perspectives, breaks with conventional museum
habits through sound and smell – all set in motion, balanced and duplicated in other
sensations. In between the intervention performers appear during the day to add another sensual level by specific body postures.

Hella Gerlach's approach of sculpture is rather flexible: In her practice she focusses on
aspects of the architectural, physical and social body. In her works
site-specific interventions are repeatedly determined and renegotiated. Gerlach's
abstract and poetic works reflect the human body, its movements, desire and its limits. In dialogue with the exhibition "Egypt" Gerlach expands the field of museum by showing a playful discovery of display and situation material, color and expression.

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