« Fééries marines »

« Fééries marines »

Pittura, Sentimento, Amore, Natura, Filosofia, Tecnica mista, 64.4x50.5cm

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Christine Jolly
3 anni fa
Christine Jolly Artista
“From one bank to the other, I navigate by sight, eager to explore the soul, this illustrious stranger, invited aboard a life of experiences and adventures. Though I sometimes collide with the rugged coasts of the relentless iced immensities, they never alter the course of my compass. I have the deep conviction that the soft that exists alongside the harsh allows me to appreciate a palette of nebulous beauties. Submerged in the shades of the abstract, I let myself be carried in your nurturing ocean’s enveloping embrace from which answers will spring. Friend, how good it is to feel you united.”

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