O.T. 875

O.T. 875 is planned and created from several drawings on a tablet regarding the construction and deconstruction of space. It contains around 50 wooden sticks, which are fixed with strings. A 20 minutes loop is projected from one side onto the sticks. The projection is animated with a special color code, which I developed by encrypting the latin alphabet into several colors (referring to the sound of every single letter). Every letter was transformed to its specific digital color. Straight lines, the color code and a digital emitter were the basis of the animation.

With O.T. 875 I created a spatial installation, which can be experienced with all senses, with the whole body. By walking through the installation the visitors can even get part of the work. Through its dimensions and by referring to and implying the architecture the work builds a complete, hermetic space, completely constructed and deconstructed at the same time. The space is either building its own references and at the same time it's floating away and seems to move endless.

The original size of the work was 20 x 10 x 5 meters, but it will be adapted to the size and specific conditions of the space where it is exhibited. It is therefore a site specific art work. Dimensions, color code and installation may vary slightly to refer perfectly to its surrounding space.

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