The Moment Of Recreation

The Moment Of Recreation

Creation happens even in the darkest place in the world.
What I have collected in 1hour were 26 trashes and each was combined with two materials.
A Nail-studded piece of wood,
Dirt stuck on a piece of tape,
A Binder clip with a piece of paper.
They were once again created by meeting each other,
and that’s the moment I reenacted in this poster.
The moment of recreation.
The moment of love.
They are no longer trashes.

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francesca furin
3 anni fa
Rachy Kang
3 anni fa
Rachy Kang Grafico, Illustratore
Thank you for the compliment Anna ! Grazie !!!! :)
 Anna Scopece "DARVIN"   ( non Darwin )
3 anni fa

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