Performance for Photo Booth (Father & Son)

Performance for Photo Booth (Father & Son)

Fotografia Analogica, Ritratto, Memoria, Famiglia, Analogica, 40x200x5cm
Performance For Photo Booth (Father & Son)
C Type Prints, Diptych
each 40x200cm

I became intrigued with a photo booth print of my father from 1967, I thought about this machine as something that produced photos without consciousness; in an attempt to reconnect to him I searched for an old black and white chemical photo booth, one that took four pictures in succession. Locating one in Hackney I decided to recreate his pose, shot by shot. After the last flash I sat there in the booth and thought, why did I feel the need to recreate this performance for camera? With no one standing behind to respond or react, what invites our expression to expand and what audience did my father plan to entice with this small strip of pictures in a world before social media?

I make these small ephemeral strips life sized in order to further investigate our connection.

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