Symbolism in the Dynamic of the Atoms

The symbolism in the dynamics of the atoms: “The system Nature consists into infinite forms… sometimes simple and geometric , sometimes complex.”
Each of these morphologies possesses a precise symbolic value, which could be applied either by means of a macroscopic reading, both by a careful microscopic analysis.
Fractal geometry teaches us that many complex shapes in ”macro” level, repeat its structure in the same way, into the “micro” level. For instance, if we observe a mountain from a certain distance, and then observe the mountain itself from its own particular, we will notice that the architecture shows a very similar morphology.
From this basic premise, and, taking a step further, my interest directs toward the Symbolist value that recognizes the infinitely small. As said, each natural structure is made of endless macro-morphologies… and these, on their turn, are built on the same number of micro morphologies, not visible to the naked eye.
Each of these morphological evidence is a set of molecules, atoms, and then in constant dynamic activity. The fascinating aspect, therefore, consists in the knowledge that all these atomic structures are subject to mutations, or at least the physical processes that involve movement.
My job as artist designer, scholar of morphological symbolism, is to investigate the value of these events in order to catch them in my art. All this to show that everything in the universe is in constant dynamism and, from a figurative-representative point of view, has many meaning; the secret lies entirely into the perspective of observation.

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Maria Elena  Ritorto
4 anni fa
Ogni nostro viaggio è il trionfo di una natura che ammalia con i suoi misteri, che incanta con lo sguardo rivolto alle dune del deserto o ai variopinti fondali dell'oceano, che immerge in un mondo vibrante di vita nel rigoglio della foresta, che regala la quiete della mente nella pace di infinite spiagge di sabbia. La natura è il nostro interlocutore privilegiato, che ci chiede rispetto e ci ripaga con le sue infinite dolcezze.
Grazie Nicolò- Ti abbraccio

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