11. Time is Money? OK: Money, be Time!   -   astronomy-rules for economy-challenges

11. Time is Money? OK: Money, be Time! - astronomy-rules for economy-challenges

Time is Money?
Money, be Time!

“AstronTimeOnomy Solutions, a new model for humanity”, the third book of the trilogy of Albert Bright, is a fascinating voyage into the dimensions of time.

After looking at the time-dimensions, a formula for “time” is
generated out of actually valid universe-formula – relativizing time and changing views, the same way, as Albert Bright already did in his 1st book: relativizing Einstein via extrapolating Newton; and 2nd book: applying astronomy rules to economy challenges.

Emphasizing the importance of time-dimensions, Albert Bright relativizes the importance of money-based economy-models, showing that the misuse of “virtual money” is leading to a big bubble, which might explode, if not relativized in time: with time, the time-dimension. And as money does not exist in universe-rules, he concludes:

“Time is money?” – OK: – “Money, be time!”

Albert Bright shows, that in nowadays times, money can easily be relativized/parallelly used/ or even replaced by time-units – and gives suggestions of how to do - and how to prevent misuse. At the same time he shows, that the actual focus on money will be turned towards humanity, as each person will be given a basic "time-bonus", which each person might use in its own way - the same way, as the planets use their given (!) matter/energy-“bonus” (via i.a. big-bang) for being able to go their own (!) ways (as Albert Einstein discovered 100 years ago).

Lamentably a lot of politicians and economy-theorists still think in the dimensions of Keynes - its counterpart in astronomy being: Newton, 100 years before Einstein, 200 years ago. Newton has been disproved by Einstein. It is time, to adapt old economy, mainly "money- and central-state-focused" models, for politicians being able to act in a modern, human and real-wealth generating way. And no longer just "printing" always additional "virtual-money". And concentrating political power to an absolute minimum: the absolute maximum of liberty for their people.

Introducing time as the new worldwide exchange basis and the new rules of the model will generate a revolutionary big wave of wealth - and will not destroy any capital nor properties nor money. The model will relativize old "(virtual) values" - and by doing so, will prevent the actual "bubbles" from exploding. Additionally, all states will profit from the time-bonuses of their people and people will profit from their new liberty to use their time-bonus for education, consumption or investment. This will lead to less refugee-waves and more and better distributed wealth at all parts of this world.

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