Yesterday's Noise is Tomorrow's Silence

Recently, I’ve been concerned with the ideas of noise and silence, and where these things might meet and overlap. My ongoing research into these themes has led me to believe that the two are inherently linked, one often snowballing into the other. Noise and silence affect us on both a personal and political level - allowing ideas of communication, oppression, torment and loss to play into the work.

The body of work I’d like to submit is a semi participatory installation of sculpture and sound. Titled, Yesterday’s Noise is Tomorrow’s Silence, this work uses the relationship between sound and material to investigate the aforementioned overlaps. By combining traditional sculptural process with current audio technologies, sculptures either create sound, react to sound or visually explore the sonic ideas surrounding the work.

Installation consists of: 2x Public tannoy speakers (installed high in corner) playing sequential sounds of dial up internet, political speech translated into Morse Code, political speech typed on keyboard, sample of Geiger counter radiation detection in a 10minute loop.

Length of bubblewrap on floor for walking over (28ft long in original presentation, but this can be altered to the space)

5x small 20watt speakers hung from lengths of chains, playing a digitally produced tinnitus simulation.

Acoustic treatment pyramid tiles, chopped up, piled high. (approx. 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5m)

2x cast speakers, one plaster, one concrete, each with tactile transducers inserted during the casting process. The transducers emit low frequency audio that is then channeled through the materials, creating audio-tactile sculptures. (0.75 x 0.45 x 0.45m)

2x headstone shaped high-density polyurethane foam blocks, positioned together. By moving between the two sculptures, you find sweet spots where many of the frequencies in the installation are cancelled out. (1.2 x 2 x 0.35m each)

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RELLA Maria Pia = SpaziOfficina
3 anni fa
Complimenti...un cordiale saluto RELLA Maria Pia
SpaziOfficina +39 328 2726700
Prospero Calciano
3 anni fa
Urgent message for Celesteprize jury Juliana Bardolim, Marc Bembekoff, Sandro Droschl, Chris Fitzpatrick, Martin Germann, Felix Hoffmann, Chiara Ianeselli, Marianna Liosi, Zane Onckule, Barbara Piwowarska, Alya Sebti, Moritz Wesseler : that's enough ! Celeste prize 2016 very poor. No more anonymous and simple art we strongly want the complexity !!!

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