See you see me (Part 3)

See you see me (Part 3)

Forming part of a larger ongoing project on blindness and perception, this work seeks to explore how we see each other.

I invited participants to describe someone that they have never seen with their eyes. The skin becomes an important factor in seeing the face in many cases.

The close-up portraits are then overlaid with words from the description in Braille on a frosted, semi-transparent surface. The portrait can only be seen clearly through the Braille.

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Stefan Thiesen
2 anni fa
Stefan Thiesen Artista, Fotografo, Giornalista
Very interesting concept. The cliché is that art should "speak for itself", but to be honest I much prefer to read or hear an explanation by the artist. What were they thinking? Feeling? Is there an idea behind the work - or a spontaneous emotion? What does the work trigger in themselves? Perhaps I, being mainly a writer, tend to over-explain at times, but I definitely also want to hear or read what the artist has to say. It gives me a feeling of context. Aside from that - some works definitely do not work without some context. Your's is a great example. And I love it!
Rae Goosen
4 anni fa
Rae Goosen Installation artist
Congratulations Monica on your win! Janteloven too an extremely interesting work indeed.
Massimiliano Magrini
4 anni fa
Massimiliano Magrini Artista, Fotografo, Grafico
idea geniale!
Waldemar Dabrowski
4 anni fa
Very interesting...!

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