In the dream
as a apotropaic decrease
I'm looking for you
but I do not know who you are
perhaps only a reflection
or a copy
while I continue with my absurd task
amassing the past but it does not rot
I'm still caught,
the unknown drags me
to that lapidary wall
of allegorical sepulcher
waiting lost voices
of the profane ballast
to bring order
and return to sleep.

I am not there, I am not here - in two spaces at once without caesura nor end-.

Project that comes from the state between sleep and wakefulness: the conflict between reality and what we perceive as the real thing, from the disjointed appearance of dreams comes a new reality.

The text plays with an idea, I use it to convey a concept through it, then it can -or does not- align with the mental formulations the viewer makes before seeing the image that comes with it; a kind of imagination game to create the apparent reality or unreality link with the reader-viewer.

Inspired by the desire to capture or rather fix (by the apparent reality of photography) those disconnected instants between dreaming and waking-up. Contextualize thoughts, or rather visions accumulated in the caesura between the seemingly real and the unreal.

Following its connotations of veracity and need for object, the photographic medium symbolizes in itself to perfection the dichotomy that is to materialize a dream. The position of a memory is examined, one in which faces are erased and the rules of physics are lost through manufactured spaces which are inhabited -or rather, uninhabited- by faceless characters laden with irony.

The final concept is to unify the image with poetry: a visual poetry to capture dreams, reveries and visions. To catch this disproportionate and unattainable world.

This project should be seen as a photobook for the correct order of view: poetry first and after image (in process).

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