Tabulae Luminis

Tabulae Luminis

This body of work is inspired by the altarpieces which one encounters in medieval european churches. My photographs mirror the heroines depicted in those sacred paintings, floating in space and suspended in eternity. The women in these portraits represent goddesses, angels, martyrs, demons, creatures of light and darkness. They are human beings, who are of this world, but have somehow transcended their terrestrial conditions, and through a pictorial representation have been elevated to a semi-divine state. Their measured gazes penetrate our souls, provoking us to confront our own consciousness, full of judgements, comparisons, attractions, and aversions.

And all is revealed. We, as they, are laid bare. They expose us, speaking to our humane vicissitudes in which we know and recognize ourselves – and at the same time, project us toward a spiritual dimension. In our vulnerability, we are able to experience the divine.

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