The skin is the most visible organ of the human body. It has many protective functions, it affects the regulation of our body temperature. Our mood often depends on the appearance of our skin.
Skin of 1-2% of the population is covered with white spots. It is called vitiligo - a disease, manifested by the loss of pigment on the surface of skin and / or hair. I have vitiligo myself, since I was 4 years old.
The title of my photo project about vitiligo is WZORY. In polish, this word has two meanings. One: just patterns, designs. Second: it means „role model”. Each of the 10 photographed people, regardless of their nationality, gender and age, can be a role model for others who cannot cope with their condition. In my work I am not focusing on the dramatic experiences of vitiligo, but rather on people who were on a certain path to self-acceptance, but today treat their spots as something natural, or even consider them as something that makes them special and in a sense embellishes their body.

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