La Pietà - videoart & photography

La Pietà - videoart & photography

… Part sculpture, part performance, Annina Roescheisen’s cinematic narration expresses the iconography of Christian painting from the 14th to the 15th century. Informing through images, translating the cycle of life and presented in five acts, the performing and staging of “Pieta” depicts the transition from childhood to adulthood, the construction of the self and the relationship between mother and child, like a series of single breaths before the world.

A simplified pop and flashy visual approach characterises the discursive progression from a new teddy to a scarred teddy, from a young girl to a grown woman; the message acquires meaning, providing a solution and a sense of progress. With the allusion underpinned and the memory etched, the material object of affection encounters the harshness of a fixed smile. Against a background of inflatable toys, the breath of life grows weaker, giving way to an embellished rebirth… Establishing a posture, penning a speech, becoming one with your surroundings, thus the artist is defined, thus the being is consecrated…

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Gianfranco ferlazzo
4 anni fa
I really like this iconographic revisitation, I find it absolutely postmodern ...Very good
alfio catania
4 anni fa
alfio catania Artista

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