Closed Door

This video work is part of a project, "According to Accepted Conventions”, that centers on a series of meetings the Artist, a "normative" family man, hold with young women. These women are usually held in their home, with a stills camera and a video camera to document the encounter. The strangeness, age difference and unclear motivation for these meetings create a feeling of awkwardness and unease that raise nagging thoughts not only in him and in the women but also in the viewers. The imbalance of power between the photographer (man) and the photographed (women), appearing at first to be an opportunistic male manipulation that follows well known gender patterns, turns out to be a trigger for intimate moments, both revealing and bold, the natural outcome of their mutual inquisitiveness. The situations that develop between the two occur with the young women’s consent and they maintain the right to stop the encounter at any moment or veto the use of the material.

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