Uta Feinstein

Uta Feinstein

The work explores aspects of the way of thinking called 'compartmentalization'. On the one hand it can act as a psychological defence mechanism by disconnecting from conflicting emotions, beliefs, desires, values to protect us from becoming overwhelmed - and helping us to keep in control or stay sane.

On the other hand, when used excessively or to control thoughts and feelings, it can be destructive and evil and shatter taboos. We can become trapped into thinking in boxes, and this can limit our understanding, diminishing our ability to think for ourselves and lead to racism, violence, murder, hatred, war and more, helping perpetrators to remain in control and shift responsibility away. In this context compartmentalization can also be considered a taboo itself. My work focuses on this aspect, opposing oblique geometrical lines with gestural brushwork evoking torn fragments, traces of violence, the abject.

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