Ta ta boom!

Ta ta boom!

Pittura, Pace, Amore, Felicità, Libertà, 165x160x3cm
Drawing from the animated film "Dumbo the Elephant", this piece of art proposes an alternative approach to the issue of taboos.
Rather than depicting the negative, restricting and repressing nature of the matter, I have deliberately focused on delivering a positive message through this artwork.

By choosing to redefine and reconstruct the notion and significance of taboos, this piece is a rendering of how individuals can benefit from embracing rather than going against their uniqueness and individuality.

It is only through loving and accepting oneself as well as redefining one's own values on a personal level that liberation from taboos can take place on a societal scale. Through the return to our long lost childhood innocence and an internal journey of self love and acceptance, individuals can break free from their mental 'cage' and see the world anew.

Just like Dumbo. Only when he embraced his uniqueness, he managed to fly into the sky. Free.

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