...and her name Thessaloniki

Public Performance
Resistant to alienation that the world of business transactions of crowded urban centers stipulates and to the reduction of the artwork in merchandise, I attempt to unite life and art via an ephemeral, public performance in the city where I lived and studied the past few years.
"...Thessaloniki, was madly in love with her step brother, Alexander the Great, that when she found out that he died deep in the East, from her great sorrowness she drowned herself in Thermaikos bay. Since then, she appeared as a mermaid in the Aegean Sea...". Fueld by the ancient greek myths, I tried to enlighten for a few minutes, the parallel unseen. Wearing a garment, that by fringing, it was altered to a fishing net, Thermaikos' nymph, wanders, carrying the elixir of youth in the forever young historic city....". "Flâneuse" tries to scout the urban texts and to comment them taking part herself in the life of the metropolis. Constituing a part of the methodology that reveals the traces of the social thread and meaning on the multilevel matterial of which the city is made. She followed the entertaining promenade of the residents of the multicultural city, that by gloating a sadness stopping sea, they try to reach with the eyes their homelands.

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