Wedding Feast I (triptych)

Wedding Feast I (triptych)

Title: Wedding Feast I (triptych)
Medium: Digital photographic print on Hahnemuhle paper
Dimensions: 160 cm x 110 cm (each print) (also smaller sized edition available of 30 cm x 80 cm)
Date: 2006

Description of artwork:

These prints explores the concept of "marriage", which perhaps can almost be viewed as a "rarity" and almost "an absurdity" in our present day and age. Furthermore, these prints also explore ideas pertaining to "damnation" and "redemption", spiritual and social acceptance versus rejection.

During the working process of these prints I have selected a few street people with whom my path crossed on a daily basis in South Africa. By selecting them as subjects for photographic portrait studies and by placing them in a specific context, I have purposed to elevate them to a level of importance, thus removing them from a place of obscurity and placing them in a place of prominence/importance. Ideas and concepts pertaining to the artwork are derived from a specific Biblical text, which describes a Wedding Feast (referred to as "the Wedding Supper of the Lamb", which was viewed as being symbolic of Christ's return and consummation of his church). Selected guests are invited whom decline the invitation; the invitation was then extended to to all the "unwanted" people.... During the preparational phases of the artwork, I studied the specific whereabouts of these specific people.

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