Take me in your arms

Take me in your arms

This picture is about the women sexuality taboo: desire.
In western society (like many others), when a man desires a woman, everyone thinks it is normal since it does involve respect.
This is not true for many women since they may look like as sex addicts for some people, even if they are more respectful. That is a very bad situation, making frustration and sometimes hate.

But, in some circumstances, like a revenge, sometimes a woman can become dominant and consider men as the objects of their pleasure. Maybe as a revenge of the injustice towards women.

In this picture, I tried to show the man, attracted by the softness of the woman's breast, falling into a trap, captured like the prey, by the hand of the black widow. But there is no death, just sensuality and erotism in an alternative dominant situation.

Love is a game where private feelings can come out with a great energy. You just have to guess which role wants your partner to play.

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