Label Green_Label Blue

Label Green_Label Blue

My current work, Label Green_Label Blue, examines the pernicious culture of demolishing ‘older age.’ We believe the manufactured myth that aging is a problem to be solved, treating the entirely natural process of ageing as though it is a crime. Time races, as we grow older. The slippery memories of our past---through which we define ourselves—quickly recede and morph. In a culture that worships youth, the old age is invisible. The body parts of these older women suggest and reveal the choices they’ve made throughout their lives, experiences beyond their control and fragility of time. In addition, the work allows a scrutiny that simply does not occur in conventional portraits which focuses on ‘faces’ as hard worn identity of these women. Furthermore, my work argues that invidious forms of age re-stabilization are being colored by consumer and popular culture in unprecedented ways, while at the same time examining sociocultural phenomena embedded in contemporary women’s lives: from fashion/commercial photography and reality television make-over genre of entertainment to body anxiety and illegible rage. I continued to examine contradictions and reciprocities between aging, ideal women, art and media culture: engaging as they go in theoretical and critical conversations about contemporary media culture, feminist spectatorship in art and, above all the politics of visual pleasure.

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