In God…s we trust…?

In God…s we trust…?

God created men or men created god(s)? Faith or superstition? Atheist vs theist. A God in one’s particular culture vs numerous Gods in numerous cultures. While religion has always been the ultimate taboo, these questions are worth exploring again and again, from one generation to the next throughout human history.

This fictitious scenery silhouette is constructed by 5 religious symbols.

The moon – Islam
The stars – Judaism
The cross – Christianity
The tree – Hinduism
The Japanese gate – Shinto

These symbols are generalization of various religions in different cultures without particular order of significance.

This graphical composition symbolizes the coexistence of religions in our world. We live among a variety of beliefs that are often mutually incompatible. These beliefs in a wide range of cultures are silently, sometimes violently, conflicting each other. Although it could be a never-ending and controversial debate, it is important for our civilization in modern time to re-evaluate religious experience as a true spiritual transcendence or the ultimate self-delusion of mankind.

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