A complaint about regardless of the others

A complaint about regardless of the others

I stayed in Paris two years ago. It started at this moment. My rental house was disaster but the owner yelled at me "Go back to your country." without giving me a deposit. And water was stopped. So I moved into a hotel nearby. Suddenly they used my card but they denied and called the national police. I was arrested by police with my friend by force. The took my will to say A Complaint. I made claims to many places about many common issues but no one answered at all. So I came back to my country and wrote The Official Complaint Letter to the European Court of Human Right to sue Paris under 10 crimes. This is an answer from them. I wrote A Complaint by one of official languages, English, but they wrote in French that they knew I can't read.

A complaint is a something that can break the common rules? So people are usually afraid of it? Taboo is made by fear or force? If the real world engages with the visionary place, what will happen?

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