" When I Had A Body ... E A T "

Eating. Sex. Desire. Shame. Hunger... fullness. Desire... satisfaction. Guilt... reward. Do you deserve it? Have you earned it? The outside becoming inside. The physical act and the symbolic gesture of hand to mouth. When's the last time you really felt hunger? From our earliest moments on planet earth, food and the ritual of eating are highly symbolic. Of love, survival, family, tradition. In religion, bonding and protest. Taking in the other, it becomes a part of us. How much do we need? What lies beyond the sensation of hunger? What does desire feel like, in your body? What's your relationship to pleasure, to sex, to secrets, what is taboo for you? What are your associations to the colour red? When do desires become insatiable? It's sexual. It's primal. It's necessary. Will the future be embodied?

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