Three Please

Three Please

What do you earn? Do you stutter and stammer? Is it better that I don’t ask? What is a ‘last taboo?’ In my mind the topics of sex and death we have covered perversely or otherwise throughout the decades. Yet we won’t stop talking about both, isn’t that funny?

How about we consider the low paid the subservient in our societies. Those that are there, the ones we see yet make no comment. Who are we to judge the learned, they realise that remuneration could never mirror what they have put in to their career. If we are to judge, then isn’t life a matter of luck and we apply ourselves appropriately. What was it you earn again? it’s rare you will hear this conversation much.

If I can be so bold as to say, what matters most is whom and what you compare yourself with. Or on the grandest scale, cleverly… what really matters is have you found sanctuary for yourself.

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