VIDEO - Rediscovering Kandinsky - Tribute to Wassily Kandinsky by Maarten Meulendijks - 2008

Tribute to Wassily Kandinsky (1866 - 1944) by Maarten Meulendijks: Wassili Kandinsky é considered the father of Abstract Painting ..... This topic has been widely studied by Kandinsky in life, his theory of sound and image was based on that every sound could be represented through a geometric symbol, lines and points in space ... Here, we see one of his works "Composition No. VIII - 1923" considered one of the first geometric abstract works of art history ... synchronized with the song "La Redécouverte" Yann Tierson, another genius of avant-garde music, multi-instrumentalist and composer French. .

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4 anni fa
MJ LEE Artista
He tried to show up the music into paints. And you tried to combine his ideas into real music. And it worked.
Carla Strozzieri
4 anni fa
Wonderful : ))
4 anni fa
Cat Fotografo
Superbe !!!

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