Don't Give Up Sugar Hero!

Don't Give Up Sugar Hero!

Is this mere pornography or true exploration of sexsuality? An eccentric game with Japanese erotic art (Shunga) or a strategy to reveal thorny truths? Let's make a careful analysis of this work. Taboo means the forbidden. A condition of the people, institutions and things that is not lawful to mention. Thus, after crossing all the walls, we came to this hovel deep in the countryside, in a place unspecified. All props indicate that is a cane cutter, a worker of the sugar industry. An old broken lantern, bags of sugar, banana bunches, a rope whose flabbiness has a clear connotation of sexual impotence. On a rickety cot, a couple seems to be very busy performing an unsuccesful coitus. Now it is when the bizarre scene begins to reveal the hidden comments it contains. This "affair" is a symbol of power. This work points out to the relationship of power in society. The sexy woman is the power. She is on top, controlling the rhythm of sex. she is holding a sharp machete,( a dangerous weapon in this context). she is the white woman on the amputated body of the black man. Her pose, her optimism and false expression brings an echo of the posters and billboards of Socialist propaganda. The anguished expression of the cane cutter sharply contrasts with the pin-up face of the woman. No hands, no legs, completely constrained the cane cutter suffers his humiliation in silence. By inverting the semantic charges of the characters, the work provokes a transgressor effect on the value system of each viewer. When the powerful woman shouts: Don't Give Up Sugar Hero! , the phrase itself is really offensive and cynical. The truth is out.

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Voglgsang Gabriele
4 anni fa
Muy emocional !

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