#GLITCH - OnLine Dopamine Compulsion

#GLITCH - OnLine Dopamine Compulsion

interactive immersive installation project proposal. This installation is related to the themes technology compulsion and schizophreny. It´s composed by a backlight online dopamine compulsion (2,95x1,25), a microphone and a computer with a miniprojector on a dark room with a sound system. A movement sensor will trigger all the system, turning on the backlight and a software will manipulate the voices recorded by the visitors and the string “online dopamine compulsion” until we intend to generate a feeling quite similar to a psychotic crisis. After a while the system will be turned off and the room will be all quiet and dark again. Creation and direction by kiki jaguaribe. In collaboration with a2e arquitetura, Sueli Fortim, Axel Cobelo, Jan Soslaio and others.
minimum size 6x6x3m
ideal size 12x12x5m
illustration by a2e

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Silvia Cobelo
4 anni fa
Silvia Cobelo Artista
Very interesting work!

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