Part of the 'Walkabout' series.
collage on aluminum with augmented reality (AR) layer

Mixed media - (collage on aluminum with acrylic and AR layers)

We are the astronauts. Our spacesuits, devices and social media.
Technology keeps us connected but separate.

This series uses a free smartphone app (eKo Art). When viewed through the phone, the collage plays sound, 3d animations, and shows "clickbait" (absurd headlines), which is taken from the web (buzzfeed) in real time.

Clickbait must be one of the most preposterous distractions in human history. To have the gross ("12 U.S. Presidents, in order of hotness!" , "Which Pizza topping is your personality?") thrown at us over the visually seductive is a fundamental part of our relationship with modern media.

All the work is made to stand on its own; viewing it through a device is optional. This hidden layer of content mirrors our real world relationship with technology and information flow. We choose our experience based on how much and what technology we invite into our lives.

The augmented layer of the art is (by contrast to the collages) organic and impermanent; because it’s connected to a live feed, the content changes along with the outside world. Additionally the virtual artwork/effects/animations are updated (by the artist) over time.

Download the free app in a the app store ( or google play ( and try it out!

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