Presencia shows the body in the opening of the self as something that happens beyond its meaning, sensible evidence of the here and now that occurs in continuity with the environment. The second point is the research on temporality, which occupies the present in the objects. The way we experience awareness through performativity and update audiovisual and photographic documents. A related issue is the idea of the "sonorous body" and the vibrations that connect it to interiority and its external presence through resonance.

The work unfolds consecutively like an audiovisual that registers an action that has occurred at an indeterminate time and place, a live, site-specific performance and its record as a photogravure of that moment. Presencia seeks temporary chains of experiential currents. It triggers memories and experiences where the present takes place. It generates documents and fades into a horizon before and after the experience. The intention to use different media involves inquiring about the contents of research on the body and its temporality, from the physical condition of ideas to their material representation.

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