Involuntary memory of bulbs_painting#1

Involuntary memory of bulbs_painting#1

The series of works<Involuntary memory of bulb> is planned to make an accidental meeting in the space with a visitor. this installation work is a combination of mechanical and chemical phenomena involving its daily process in between. The whole installation is composed of moving sculptures and a piece of paintings. Each object is mainly constructed from about 100 bulbs filled with liquid bleach not electrically. This chemical water dissolves each connection part between the glass and the socket in bulbs by degrees. The mechanic part is intended to move up and down two times in a day, in order to make dissolution effectively active in bulbs. In the meantime, a bulb falls and crashes to the floor. Fragments are collected on the black wooden board. This explosion painting<Involuntary memory of bulbs _fragment collect#4> is designed to be a part of this work as well. This whole procedure keeps happening during the exhibition. This event gives a different scenery to each viewer in a given space, because it spontaneously varies from time to time. People can only see something happening or happened just when walk through the space.

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