From My Microwave With Love

From My Microwave With Love

Strange machines travelling through time; made a long time ago but only a few weeks old.
Just because we can see their inner mechanism it doesn’t mean we understand what they are supposed to do, any more than we understand what’s going on inside a computer chip. Someone made them, someone has to use them. By themselves they don’t move; they do not solve problems, nor create them.

Why are these objects here, now? They started appearing in my microwave, in September 2013.
I started collecting the things and trying to find a sense to this all. Some pieces worked by themselves, some others were components of a bigger whole; some parts are apparently missing.

I get a glimpse of the person that is doing this, but I cannot communicate with her (travelling forward in time is easy, we all do that, one minute every sixty seconds; but travelling backwards is not).

By trying to make sense of a past that could have been, I think about how different the things we interact with everyday would be; and how similar the reactions.

There’s a fine line between brilliant and lunatic; determined and deluded.

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Daniël Stragier
4 anni fa
Buon `Arte

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