'Bamboo' is about our changing environment, in how our cities change because of everything we build, and how we shape nature along with it in this process.

By imitating the natural shape of bamboo and casting it into concrete the sculpture becomes a combination of a natural plant and a constructed world. The bamboo plant already has similarities with the way high buildings are constructed, it has similar floors solidly built on top of each other. With the little windows it looks like as if there were people living inside, like a building but then grown from the earth like a plant. This shows the organic way of how cities arise and disappear like cells and plants, as well as the way we built these cities, in a very organised and structured way with square shapes and often harsh lines in architecture.
It places our way of thinking about our everyday city environment in a different perspective.

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Paul Brotherton
4 anni fa
Paul Brotherton Artista, Designer
Very interesting conceptual piece, with an interesting artistic process.....great!
Daniël Stragier
4 anni fa
Mooi werk Marloes

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