Strange Harmony

Strange Harmony

Strange Harmony from the Chic-Chaos Series
170x150cm/66x59 inch
Acrylic on premium italian Canvas (100% Cotton)
My painting is full of harmony and colour but also maintain a chic-chaos with my unique Lifelines (pattern in the bodys). These Lifelines show how complicated life can be, but also that there is always a way if you want.

Each of these Lifelines are created spontaneously and are always based on an 'in the moment' decision that dictates the direction and which element comes next. Exactly like in life when every decision you make brings you to another point where the next decision waits of you.

Colour transmits the soul of my work and adds more sense to the themes that I paint. The use of colour, contrast and also the composition are never left to fate in my paintings, it´s often very calculated.

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