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Installation of different pieces:
5 x 26.5x32cm &
3 x 19x33cm HD print on aluminium
1x 57x99cm photoprint on textile
1 x 35x43cm c-print on paper (frame of 65x86cm).

My photography strives to understand the dichotomy between the visible and the invisible.
In this series I experimented with Polaroids, tracing their development from the latent image to the final visible.
These different manifestations are at the same time a metaphorical expression of what one "sees". One sees what one wants to see. A photographic image can therefore never be certain of its content. It changes within the "seeing and thinking" of the viewer, like the Polaroid changes within its developing process; a constant interaction between the visible and invisible, which is creating tensions.
These tensions that arise within my work serve the viewer only ambiguously, simultaneously engaging the audience with an experience of revelation and concealment My approach tends toward the poetic, cultivating linguistic nuance, even as this is balanced by a control of conceptual and theoretical rigor. A tendency to final abstraction is a natural consequence of these explorations. Borders between photograph, painting and object become fluid, themselves approaching invisibility.

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