Huellas los Tres Tiempos

Huellas los Tres Tiempos

This piece has the form of a large tree trunk and its roots. It contains 5,100 tortillas, representing the number of girls aged 10 to 14 who were pregnant last year, and Black Earth, a symbol of stability, home, wisdom and light.
This work aims to be a tribute to every girl / mother of this country. Tortillas are the staple food of Guatemalans. They are an invisible force at all times in their lives. The same can be said of Guatemalan Women and girls; they also are greatly ignored, as if they were invisible as well. Each tortilla represents a fingerprint/footprint of these women. Tortillas are eaten 3 times daily in Guatemala, hence the name, “Footprints at the 3 times” and there are only three permissible destinations for women in Guatemala: Daughters, Wives and Mothers.

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Daniël Stragier
5 anni fa

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