Speechscape 31° 47' N / 35° 13' E

Substituting a word for an other one, chanting the message it contains, printing it in a reality with redefined outlines, enables to generate a phenomenon that will be understood as authentic. This permutation always means "correcting" the opinion about a phenomenon, a population, a territory, an object, etc. As for the conflict on a ground space bringing into struggle Palestinians and Israelis, it is interesting to question the choice of the words used to name this territory that I would not know how to name, fearing to use an incorrect truth. Therefore I name this zone with the geographical coordinates of the symbolic city of Jerusalem : 31° 47' N / 35° 13' E. « Israel, Palestine, busy Palestine, the Zionist entity, mother country, earth of divine messages, … », so many naming stemming from the official declarations of independence of both States. The choice of the words depends on the chosen reality. The human vocal device is a system of archetypal domination that unleashes a stream of syllables on a perpetually changeable world. The word selects, appoints, orders things and generates common realities, « undeniable » truths, fickle ideas, changeable and conflicting concepts : the war of the words is declared. The project I introduce here « Speechscape 31° 47' N / 35° 13' E » takes back the graphic plans of the naming of two politicians engaged in the war of the words to overcome his opponent on the territory: « State of Israel » (quote of David Ben Gourion when he declared the independence of Israel) and « State of Palestine » (quote of Yasser Arafat in the Declaration of Independence of Palestine). Two civilizations, two cultures, two visions, two claims, two names of the same ground. The result : a confuse landscape, a grey area that let us see mounts and valleys formed by the given names to that place ; added tracks some to the others, that chant their perpetual messages.

This project is under construction.

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