Fragile Balance

Fragile Balance

Fragile Balance is an installation of two pieces, two folded canvases representing landscapes in Baroque style. In my work I approach themes like time, space, memory and the subtle relationship between them.
I use painting because this medium is a classical language, already a part of our collective consciousness, and this makes it more provocative for me to break its conventional use and to induce a powerful state of awakening. An artwork is developing until I feel that it has all the ingredients to question reality in a certain way.
I work with images that access long time memory, images related to particular periods of time, but I place them in new coordinates of space. I repeatedly manipulate reality, first in the represented image and then by changing its dimensional status in space. By folding or twisting the canvas or the support I keep some parts of the image hidden and that helps me to preserve the state of doubt. I’m more interested to make present what’s missing in reality than to represent it. This visual discomfort activates the intuition which leads the receptor to the right questions.

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Francesco Cantatore
3 anni fa
complimenti, trovo la sua pittura estremamente interessante

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