The artist washes a car covered with mud, pouring the water over both the car and herself. She cleans the car while doing a striptease as a man inside the car interrogates her using a megaphone. This interrogation is a series of abusive questions, simulating an interview for a visa to the United States; personal, intimate, and sexual.
You can see the videos in this links ( the videos for installation are different, but this is an example) :

His name?
Your last name?
His direction?
Properties have you?
How much is your tax debt?
Do you pay rent?
Do you have credit?
How many jobs have you had?
Be willing to sacrifice for our company?
What was your last employer?
Prefers to give orders or to be told what to do?
Are you willing to work longer than agreed?
How do you prove that you are the best candidate?
Where were you last night?
Why do you dresses provocatively that way?
Want to seduce someone?
Would you like to be raped?
How many men you slept?
Who was that man?

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