Where do you keep your camels at night?

Where do you keep your camels at night?

"Where do you keep your camels at night?" attempts to characterize an aspect of our complicated contemporary geopolitical situation where nation-state seems to be surrendering to globalization of capitalism and informational technologies. Yet, the power structures that are introduced as plural have not changed much from the colonial period and the strategies of the dominant system for dealing with non-Western inclusion have failed. This situation is unfortunately considered as global rather than a regional political and economical development in the West.

It is clear that although Western countries highly promote freedom, authorities cannot acknowledge equal rights for citizens of peripheral societies. It seems impossible to decentralize the centres as powerful nations have been ruling for centuries and thus have stabilized and stability tends to stay. For majority, the dream of living in a globalized world is only possible in theory, regardless of Capital having reached that level of global freedom.

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MJ LEE Artista
Actually when I took a look on your works firstly, I didn't catch what you wanted to say. I just felt warm and art itself has been changed into another symbol like messages. I agreed partly your opinions and I like how you describe what you want to say. Many people seek the solutions so it will work, though. :)

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