Optical Kinetics

Optical Kinetics

As Humans, we are constantly watching and being watched. Our digital dependency has made us
a society of voyeurs.
These photographs display a sense that it is not only the photographer’s eye that captures our
The close surveillance of society diminishes our sense of autonomy, distorting the sense of us as
self-determined beings, a distortion which brings to mind 19th and 20th century existential
anxiety. Our perceptions vary from person to person and the belief that we are merely passing
through life in a world that is constantly changing, the sense of ‘deja vu’ exists.
It is the idea that each of us, not society or religion, race or colour, should give meaning to an
apparent meaningless world.
Have we over evolved? Do we believe that we are so important that the world exists only for
human adventure? We are naive to contemplate that as we are simply moving through this world,
passing through time until we exist in a different form.

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Massimo Di Stefano
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