Singapore 3000

Singapore 3000

Singapore is often seen as a progressive and innovative city that, due to its high standard of living, it is said to be the Switzerland of Asia. The multi-ethnic and multicultural city forms the backdrop of some of the biggest construction sites in the world. However, in 2015, Singapore is also still the scene of modern-day slavery. Behind the closed doors of its monumental buildings, Malaysian, Indian and Chinese laborers suffer extreme poverty. This situation is a time bomb waiting to detonate, threatening the long-term viability of the city-state. Since the development of Singapore is dependent on immigrant labor, there is a big taboo on the discussion of working conditions, eclipsing the harsh daily reality of these human beings.

Through the documentary series Singapore 3000 I wanted to put a human face on the builders of the cities of tomorrow. My aim was not to put forward their daily misery, but instead bring them out of the shadows and highlight our shared humanity. This behind-the-scenes experience allowed me to capture and interact with these workers in unexpected ways. Like an anthill in consonance with its surroundings, the builders became the main protagonists in a narrative on the architectural ambitions of Singapore. The aim was to focus on individuals and offer them a moment of glory - to provide them with a means of existence beyond the hidden mass. 

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