The world, never in focus, has succumb to a blur of movement amidst globalization and the obscurity of social media. The social landscape has become a noisy, fractured space dominated by advertisements. Amid the onslaught of media images, we experience life as a sequence of schizophrenic moments. Entangled in an endless cycle of distraction, the western world inhabits the space of post-history where all grand narratives dissipate and technological dependency diminishes the tangibility of our experiences. Our collective consciousness has been reduced to a scattered blur that drifts from the new multiplex to old strip mall, from one meal to the next, twitter, a text message, a coffee — medium or large, a cigarette, numbing hours of TV, catering to our artificial “needs”. Our attention is hijacked by the seductive glow of flickering promises tied to a brand. Truth is lost amongst the arbitrary and insignificant objectives semiotically spun and ingrained. It spins now out of control, beyond reparation perhaps, and yet we sit placid in front of the flickering screen sedated by the media and the false promises it proposes for the future it truncates.

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